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  • Malu Trevejo shuts down TikTok plastic surgery rumors amid fan backlash

    Virginia Glaze   ❘   Published: 2022-11-23T22:14:49   ❘   Updated: 2022-11-23T22:15:00 TikTok star Malu Trevejo is shutting down rumors of getting plastic surgery after receiving backlash from her fanbase, who feel she looks drastically different. Malu Trevejo is a Cuban-American singer and longtime TikTok star with over 25 million followers on the viral video

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  • Amber Heard plastic surgery: TikTok plastic surgeon reveals Johnny Depp’s ex-wife’s facial transformation

    May 15, 2022 – 15:27 BST Georgia Brown What has Amber Heard done to her face? TikTok plastic surgeon Dr Anthony Youn gives his expert advice on whether Johnny Depp’s ex-wife has had plastic surgery Plastic surgeon and popular TikTok user Dr Anthony Youn has taken to the social media app to offer

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