Why do people get plastic surgery

Most people assume people get plastic surgery to LOOK BETTER but Dr. Ward, Facial Plastic Surgeon Ward MD, believes that most people get it NOT to LOOK BETTER, but to FEEL BETTER.

Whatever your reasoning might be, if you are self-conscious about and area of your face, plastic surgery can give you that confidence you are lacking.

Q&A with Dr. Ward:

Question 1: Will a face lift make me look unrecognizable? – Tracey  

Dr. Ward’s answer: He doesn’t even like the word face lift because in years past it has been known to make people not look like themselves. Now there are better ways to get a more natural look that make you feel like a better version of yourself.

Question 2: At what age should you start a skin care routine? – Mia 

Dr. Ward’s answer: Yesterday! If you haven’t already started, start now. You are never too young to start your skin care routine.

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