Has Emma Roberts Had Plastic Surgery? Before-And-After Photos

Telling no lies. Emma Roberts was practically born into the entertainment industry. As a little girl, she would visit her aunt and ‘90s icon Julia Roberts on the set of films before she became a starlet herself. After kicking off her acting career in the Nickelodeon series Unfabulous in 2004, Emma has blossomed into a stunning woman. While the Screen Queens alum has gained an outpouring of attention for her striking looks, many have wondered if she has ever had plastic surgery. 

While she has not publicly commented on going under the knife, the A-lister suffered a face injury while filming American Horror Story season 7. “I was injured, not on the set, but outside set. I walked into a sliding glass door, so we had to move shooting because I broke my nose,” she revealed during a September 2017 appearance on Late Night With Seth Meyers

At 17 years old, Emma discussed the taboo discussion of plastic surgery in Hollywood, while revealing she doesn’t see anything wrong with cosmetic procedures. “It is difficult for young girls because of the pressure on how they look, but it’s not the real world,” the New York native told WebMD in May 2008. “A lot of actresses may get plastic surgery, but if you ask the person next to you, they probably did not. Try to be happy with yourself instead.”

Although the Holidate actress is a natural-born beauty, she practices health and wellness routines to maintain her glow. From embracing makeup-free days when she’s not working to simply applying a little scruba-dub-dub to her face, Emma’s simplicity in her beauty routine is key.

“For me, beauty is health, so I really focus on keeping my skin healthy, especially as I have really fair skin. That’s something I’ve learned from my aunt [Julia Roberts],” she told Harper’s Bazaar in July 2020, before adding she likes to use a deep-cleaning, make-up melting cleanser. 

Emma launched a 30 Seconds to Confidence campaign partnership with Express in 2021, to influence others to post their “feel-good” rituals on social media. Her goal was to highlight individualities and uniqueness online. 

“I feel like [embodying confidence] is so important, especially now, where we live our lives so much online … to see things that make you feel good and to be able to express things that make you feel good,” the Aquamarine star told Harper’s Bazaar in August 2021. “I feel like anything on social media that can be positive and lifting other people up, and, like, encouraging confidence and happiness, is really important, because the Internet can be such a dark place at times.”

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