Lala Kent feels ‘groggy’ after having plastic surgery | Entertainment

Lala Kent is feeling “groggy” after undergoing plastic surgery.

The 31-year-old reality star was being filmed by her friends as she came to in a hospital bed and joked that she wanted to go home to bed and watch ‘The Real Housewives’ and slurred that she got her “boobs done” while also having her ear pinned back.

In a video posted to Instagram, said: “Did I fart? I feel groggy. I want my bed… and ‘Housewives’ I want a blow-dryer in the bed to warm my… and then get in it.

The ‘Vanderpumps Rules’ star – who is mother to fourteen-month-old Ocean, with ex-fiancé Randal Emmett – was then reassured by her friend Jess that she “looked amazing” despite being in a hospital bed.

Jess said: “How do you feel? they said you did so good. Yeah, you really did it. They said you did amazing. They said your ear and your breasts look incredible. Good job”

Lala responded: “Well I was asleep, Jess, of course I did amazing.”

When Jess asked her friend if she had any dreams while under the anesthetic, Lala responded: “No. Just my eyelids.”

Lala later captioned the post: “I continued on the elevator, announcing to everyone who entered, ‘I got my boobs done.’ Some may wonder why my head is wrapped up. We all got so caught up on boobie talk, we neglected to mention my sweet left ear being pinned back. [heart emoji] I feel really happy. Thank you @plastixdocs.”

Lala previously explained that she “loves” plastic surgery and claimed that there was “nothing hotter” than the female form.

She said: “I think just sitting there and going, ‘You know what, this is my body and I love it and I could change it tomorrow or I could leave it the way it is and I just think women are gorgeous. The female body, there’s nothing hotter. So reveal that.”

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