Top 10 Profit Killers for Plastic Surgeons and Medical Spas: And How to Avoid or Fix Them!



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Packed full with action plans and guides to keep you on track

A full suite of checklists, guides, and action plans specifically designed for medspa businesses will get you on track—and help you stay there.

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Top 10 Profit Killers

for Plastic Surgeons and Medical Spas

Don’t settle any longer for meager revenues and negative profit margins from your aesthetic medical practice!

Whatever pain point you’re feeling in the startup or management of your business, Kelly Smith presents the solution. Manageable 1-hour solutions provide practical steps you can take today to begin improving your profits.

Make Marketing Easy

Learn how to run a simple and effective beauty treatment social media plan, how to retool your website to bring in qualified leads, and how to measure marketing success without drowning in analytics in just three hours using Kelly’s:

1 Hour Marketing Plan1 Hour Website Plan1 Hour KPI and ROI Plan Build a Winning Team

Your medspa office team can be your top sales tool—or your biggest profit killer. An engaged and enthusiastic team will inspire repeat clients and referrals. Create a winning culture that leads to sales and retention through every staff interaction with Kelly’s:

1 Hour Company Culture Plan1 Hour Conversion Plan1 Hour Consultation Plan

The ONE book you need to take your elective medical business to the next level. You will: Have a clear and measurable financial plan Develop a manageable annual marketing plan Turn your website into a sales machine Begin tracking key metrics to improve your profits Convert more leads Turn consultations into repeat clients Get six-figure sales from open houses and sales events Develop a motivated and engaged staff

top 10 profits book for medical spastop 10 profits book for medical spas

Your Simple Guide to Greater Profits in Cosmetic Surgery and MedSpas

Top 10 Profit Killers walks you through exactly what you need to address to maximize revenue—and nothing else. Keep it simple and start seeing improvements immediately.